About woodspark - Custom furniture specialists

woodspark designs are influenced by modern industrial machine concepts, where steel and hardware are combined with wood to produce an attractive outcome, which is both practical and visually pleasing. 

woodspark are primarily custom furniture specialists, producing a range of handmade furniture from custom dining tables to hand-crafted wooden food boards.

Lionel Barkle - designer and creator

Lionel is now retired, originally apprenticed to the Sheetmetal Working/ Welding and fabrication industry becoming a fully indentured tradesman in June 1969.  He later refurbished the interior of a classic NZ Kauri yacht where extensive woodworking skills were acquired.

Lionel is passionate about his designs and his business model differs from the usual mainstream commercial operation, as it provides an outlet for the need to create and produce items that are sought after, excellent value and highly utilitarian.  

Lionel is the sole designer and creator of all his furniture and foodboads. He ensures his workflow is geared to meet customer demand. Or more often just the need to potter around in the workshop. Time is regarded as an enjoyable element in the making of custom wooden tables and wooden chopping boards.  

woodsparks designer and creator - Lionel Barkle

“I often spend a week or so just looking at the wood, getting to learn its character before starting work on it”

Handmade chopping boards, food boards,
platters and charcuterie boards

woodspark's handmade chopping boards, food boards, platters and charcuterie boards are an excellent example of being able to create pieces that are unique and reflect the designer’s own ideas, about shape, size, and different woods. 

There are always 25 to 30 chopping and food boards of varying design in stock at the workshop and featured for sale via this site

Want a custom piece of furniture?

woodspark design and create modern industrial style furniture including dining tables, bar stools, bar leaners and bespoke furniture.

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