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Modern, industrial style furniture including dining tables, bar stools, bar leaners and bespoke furniture where the primary components are comprised of wood, steel, machinery parts, glass, marine grade hardware all blended into the design and manufacture of the piece. Each piece is meticulously crafted, using a mix of old world craftsmanship and modern technology.

Custom Built Dining Tables

Custom built dining tables

Lionel loves creating unique dining furniture for his customers. Each item is carefully hand crafted using the best native and exotic timbers and has Lionels own personal touch added. Lionels signature designs are industrial based using black powder coated steel or natural steel finish and clear coated for the legs. Anything is possible. Discuss your design and requirements with Lionel today.

Custom Built Furniture

Have a design idea in mind?

Wanting a unique item of furniture? Contact Lionel to discuss your requirements. Lionel can design and make any piece of furniture including: desks, coffee tables, tables, book shelves, shelves, cabinets and more.

Custom Built Media Units

Custom built media units

Lionels passion is creating modern, industrial furniture for his clients including media units. Each item is hand crafted using native and exotic timbers and industrial steel. The build process is a collaborative one between Lionel and his customers. Every detail is unique to the design for each customer.

If you are interested in getting a bespoke modern, industrial media unit, contact Lionel today.

The build process

Bespoke Industrial style furniture, dining tables and
seating can be made to order.

Discuss your ideas and work together to produce a dining suite that you really want to have in your home. You are welcome to visit the workshop during the build and share in developing the project all the way through to the finish.

All of our products are beyond commercial quality, and can be customised in many ways.
Please note that furniture orders typically have a 8 week turnaround time.

woodspark use a range of timber in their foodboards including Dark Walnut, American Cherry,
Hard Maple, Iroko, Sapele and Purple Heart

woodspark wood grains
woodspark wood grains
woodspark wood grains

woodspark use a range of materials for their furniture

Including American Black Walnut, American Cherry, North American Rock Maple, Purple Heart and steel.

Need a custom piece of furniture?

woodspark can make to order any item of furniture or food board to meets your needs.

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